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Reading Plus!

Reading Plus® is a computer-based system that helps students improve their silent reading skills. It automatically adjusts its programs and content to provide silent reading practice for students based on their individual needs. If you have any trouble getting started in Reading Plus®, or have any questions about using the system, contact the person listed below.

Step 1: Reading Plus® Website
From your Internet browser, go to
The first time you visit the website, click Requirement Check to make sure your computer can run Reading Plus® in the best manner. An "x" next to any item means your computer needs an upgrade to run Reading Plus®. (Note: You do not have to do the requirement check again. The next time you use Reading Plus®, you will begin by clicking Student Login.)

Step 2: Student Login
Click Student Login. Enter your school’s site code, listed below. (You will not have to enter this code again unless "cookies" are cleared from your computer.)

Site Code: Ask your Teacher
Find your class in the pull-down menu and click on it. Then, find your name in the next pull-down menu and click on it. You need to enter your password each time you log in. Use of passwords protects private student information.
Student Class: ______________
Student Name: ______________
Student Password: Student ID # 

Step 3: Use Reading Plus®
The system automatically adjusts to each student’s individual reading ability. A typical lesson lasts 30-45 minutes. Click Start to begin. Keep working until you are sent to the My Progress tab to review your progress. Click My Skills to see worksheets you can print.